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Video of Man Sweetly Sharing a Meal With His Cat at the Table Is Downright Adorable

There's no question that you love your pet. You do everything together! But usually when people say they're having a dinner with their animal, they aren't talking about sitting at the table together. That's why a video of a man on TikTok sharing his dinner with his cat Nelly is just so perfect. 

The cat dad from Chicago, Illinois must've wanted some company when he sat down for a meal recently, because he gladly pulled up a chair for Nelly. Take a look at the video from @nellythetinycat below.

We love how Nelly's papa moves her dish closer to her so she can eat. We know she was the best dinner company ever. "Best friends forever," the video's caption reads. 

With over 94,000 views, people were so in love with this unlikely dinner pair. "They really have a special connection," @con.amor.mar wrote. "Cat: 'Where is my silverware?, Fine!! I will use my paw,'" @truckingisinmyblood joked. "These days human-animal is a much stronger bond then humans can have with each other," @transparentmiddday pointed out. "I've got one exactly like that and she's so loving," @rhonda___ shared. 

That's exactly the word to describe this relationship: loving. Nelly and her papa share such a sweet bond.

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