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Man Who Put on a Show for His Cats at 2 am Is an Absolute Legend

Cat owners always want what's best for our fur babies, and this video posted by TikTok user @Madennis of him putting on a Madonna performance for his felines proves this. 

Watch the following epic video and see if you can sympathize with these sleepy cats less-than-enthusiastic reaction. It's all too funny. 

Okay cats, you are for sure not appreciating this enough because this is amazing! You can sleep another time! This hysterical video is going viral with over 1700 comments. @LaLancaster posts, "We do sooo much for our fur babies but yet they remain totally unappreciative." @Brockburne makes an excellent point, commenting, "Noooooo. They’re loving it. But they’re like Simon Cowell. They have to like remain composed to protect the industry standard." @sarah adds, "The performance they didn’t know they needed." @4sonsandtwopitbulls posts, "OMG the look on their faces..priceless. Great voguing though, LOL." 

No word if Madge herself has seen this video yet, but we are pretty sure she'd be a bit more enthusiastic than these cats are. You cat daddies, you keep being the most! 

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