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Man's Reunion With His Beloved Dog After Moving to New Zealand Is Touching People's Hearts

Leaving our dogs for long periods of time is a dreaded idea that most dog parents avoid as much as possible. However, it's not always avoidable, and the reunions that happen after time apart are very special. One man shared the reunion with his dog after a long time apart in this amazing video.

TikTok user @stone117711 recently shared a video from when he picked up his Dutch Shepherd, Nova, from isolation after she failed one of her medical import tests. The two had been apart for seven and a half weeks after they moved to New Zealand, and were thrilled to be together again! Check out the video to see the wonderful reunion between this man and he beloved pup.

Aww those two are so sweet together! We can't imagine how hard it was on the two of them to be separated for so long. We hope they never have to be apart again!

People in the comments were very happy Nova was back with her dad. @the_original_ness said, "So lovely to watch this. Nothing like being reunited with your best friend. Welcome to NZ, both of you!" Another user, @carolnstevie, commented, "Aww what a lovely reunion, I hope our beautiful country treats you both well." We know Nova will be glued to her dad's side after all of this time apart!

Others were impressed with the bond Nova had with her dad. @7jess7_xx commented, "No loyalty could ever match that of a dog to his humans," and @reeree2305 said, "Awww she’s so happy to be home." Dogs never forget or give up on their owners. Nova knew her dad was coming back for her!

Nova is one happy girl to be back at home! This sweet reunion is everything we could have hoped for, and our hearts are touched by the love these two have for each other.

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