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Man’s Touching Tribute to His English Bulldogs Has People in Their Feelings

A man on TikTok is sharing his deepest desire and it's bringing people to tears. In the video, TikTok creator Tyler Teague (@tyler.teague) explained he had one wish after he passes — to see his beloved dogs once again. 

As Teague's video makes clear, his dogs have since passed. So it's completely understandable that he misses them. The footage shows Teague sitting in his car, deep in thought. "First thing I want to see when I pass away," he wrote in the video's onscreen text. The video then cuts to an outside shot of Teague's pickup truck, and as the camera gets closer to the trunk two little heads popped up — his English Bulldogs. "Really missing my boys lately," he wrote in the caption. We can't stop thinking about the look on the dogs' faces! So sweet. 

With almost over 700,000 views, Teague's video has touched so many hearts online. "Tears for love puppers. I get it - absolutely. I think they’ll fetch us when we are ready," @nurseforkicksandgiggles wrote. "I miss my fur babies that have crossed. They take a piece of your heart when they leave," @bulldogpeach added. "Me too, I hope all of my girls are there waiting for me! I miss them so," @kbjinx agreed. "I completely understand. Sorry for your loss but they'll be waiting for you when you get there," @meknow250 chimed in.

Another commenter seemed to capture our thoughts exactly: "I just put mascara on," @herestiffanyy declared. Here's hoping it was waterproof. Are you crying, because we're not embarrassed to say that we're crying right now. 

Now excuse us while we go and find a box of tissues.