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Video of Man's Surprise Encounter With a Tiny Baby Seal Is Going Viral

If you thought it felt like an honor when a dog chooses your lap to sit on, imagine how special this guy must feel after the cutest interaction with a lost baby seal. Pacific Northwest explorer Tom Ross recently shared the encounter on his TikTok account, and everyone is insanely jealous (including us).

In the video, you can see Tom's cousin standing shin-deep in the water off the Washington coast as a baby seal circles his legs. Everyone nearby, from Tom behind the camera to his cousin in the water, is in sheer disbelief as the baby follows and even nibbles the man's leg. 

I think it's safe to say that we are jealous! We're on the same page as @carmelcoco12368 who commented, "WHY DO THINGS LIKE THIS NEVER HAPPEN TO ME?! I just wanna live my best Disney Princess life!!" Same, girl, same.

Envy aside, how cool is this? You can't get much closer to a wild animal than when it's trying to nurse on your leg. Like @kellyraddatz361 wrote, "awwww hims hungry." Still, we applaud this man's self-control around one of the most adorable baby animals we've seen.

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"Your restraint is admirable," commented @piperandbrady. "Mine on the other hand would be non existent 😌." I have a feeling most people would say the same, just like @theelfie, who wrote, "I would have sat down and loved on the baby." It would be so hard not to!

Tom's cousin did the right thing by not touching the baby seal any more than it was touching him, though. TikTok biologist Dr. Chuck Darwin popped into the comments to offer his praises, explaining "The moms leave the pups in the shallow water while they go out to feed. Amazing experience!" Amazing, indeed. 

Unsurprisingly, there were tons of questions in the comments about what happened to this sweet baby once the camera stopped rolling. Luckily, Tom followed up with a seal pupdate (get it?) on his account. 

We're so glad Mom and baby have been reunited!

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