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Man Finds 'Most Venomous Animal' in His Garage in Video That Has People Shook

The year-round sunshine in Arizona always sounds so enticing. But then you have to remember all the little critters that run around in the desert that you have to be extra cautious of. This includes rattlesnakes, scorpions, and even Gila Monsters. For those not too familiar with Gila Monsters, they are venomous lizards that are native to the Southwestern part of the U.S. So, what do you do when you find one? 

TikTok user @doordaddy can probably give a little advice if you ever stumble upon one in your home. In this clip, which has over 21.1 million views and 2 million likes, @doordaddy trapped the Gila Monster under a trashcan in the garage. He slowly inches the trashcan towards the outside. What happens will just leave your skin crawling. 

O.M.G. This is so freaky! We would be completely in shock and would not stay calm in this situation. So, hats off to this man! And can we talk about the patience it took for him to get the venomous animal out? @J Flo commented, "I am shocked that the "get outta here" didn't work lmao." Ha! If only it were that easy! Guess slow and steady really does win the race in this situation.

"Lizard was chillin like, 'I GOT TIME TODAY BRUH!' 😂," commented @Tyler Watson. LOL. That lizard could have been inside the trashcan the rest of the night for all he cared! And he didn't scurry away when the trashcan was lifted. So scary! That's his house now! 

@Jack Mihoff pointed out how the camera person was perfect. He said, "I'm literally shaking *the camera* steady af." Seriously! We were freaking out watching it meanwhile the person filming was cool as a cucumber. How?! 

Now, if you ever doubt yourself why you're living in a cold state, just turn back to this video. As @Philip Bennett wrote, "That's why I live where the cold hurts my face." LOL.