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Man 'Orders a Cat' From Drive-Thru Window and People Can't Get Enough

Secret menus at coffee shops are getting wilder and wilder these days. There are unadvertised drink sizes, exclusive flavor combinations, and even ways to make your drink last longer. What @newsprojoe saw one customer get from a drive-thru window, though, has TikTok asking tons of questions.

As the TikToker waits behind a large truck at his local Aroma Joe's coffee location, he watches the barista and customer pass a few items back and forth: credit card, drinks, a cat...

Wait, a cat? 

Yep, that's definitely a kitten that man seemed to order at the drive-thru window. Pretty much everyone in the comments section is having the same reaction we are. They're just in shock and awe!

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"I’m sorry… a kitten??? We can order kittens now!?" wrote @alana_the_llama1. Well, this man certainly seemed to do so! We definitely don't have as much context as we'd like to have, but honestly, an extra dash of confusion makes this video even cuter--though not as cute as "his little meow 🥺" that @bb737143 pointed out. It's totally worth cranking the volume up to hear! 

Still, it's odd and hilarious just thinking about a person ordering an animal at a coffee drive-thru line--@chelseabugg127 agrees! "What the hell kind of stuff are they putting on secret menus now?" she asked. 

"It’s not pink starburst smoothies at Jamba," replied @hazel_eyes_italian_sass. "We’ve moved to rag dolls. I missed a few steps. Like maybe didn’t buy the right game pieces. Or napped." LOL! Nope, you haven't missed anything. There's just a lot of missing information here. 

"I know the other day at Dunkin’ it was a free doughnut with a large drink…" commented @wakafrank. "What do I have to order for a free cat??" We're guessing that you'd just have to show up with your own kitten and let the barista sneak a snuggle. Make sure someone's filming when they hand the baby back!

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