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Man Shares the Exact Moment When He Realized a Goat Was His Forever Pet

It's not every day that you welcome a new pet to the house. And while some people bring home a cat or maybe even a turtle, it's definitely less rare that you fall in love with a baby goat. However, that's exactly what happened to one man on TikTok, who recently shared how he became a devoted goat dad. Just "a guy and his goat," he joked online. 

The whole adorable story was explained in a video shared on the Whitepepper Farms TikTok page (@whitepepperfarms). According to one of the farm's co-owners, Brandon, it all started when his wife brought home a kid (meaning a baby goat). "Originally this goat was my wife's idea," he wrote in the video's onscreen text. "But anytime she would see me, she would want me to hold her," he continued. No matter how much attention the farmer would give her, the goat would always ask for more. "She is in constant need of attention," he added. Thankfully, the two are now as close as ever and their love pretty clear if you watch the footage. So sweet!

People in the comments section were here for this perfect pair. "He didn't choose the goat life, the goat life chose him," @moxietoro joked. "That kid loves you," @user7860025213842 quipped. "Aww so sweet of you to take a few minutes of your time to give her some love," @lillyrose679 gushed. 

And another had a suggestion on how Brandon could spend even more time with his new BFF. "If you wore her in a baby sling, you could have her close and at the same time be able to work with your hands on stuff," @dalcecatma wrote. 

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We guess the goat life is not so baaaa-d.

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