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Golden Retriever’s Reaction to His Favorite Guitar Sound Is Just Too Cute

Who doesn't get pumped when they hear their favorite song? Sometimes hearing your number one tune can be the best part of your day. So it's no surprise that a Golden Retriever completely lit up when his uncle played a snippet of his favorite song and the results are absolutely adorable. 

Jerry the Golden Retriever is always up to something. Fortunately, his owner documents all of his escapades on his TikTok page @jerrytheretriever. Including a recent video where Jerry was spending some time with his uncle. The footage shows Jerry and the man sitting on the couch together. "My dog realizing my brother played his favorite sound on the guitar," @jerrytheretriever wrote in the video's onscreen caption. The look on Jerry's face clearly changes when his uncle plays the tune. It's so cute!

The video has been watched over 2 million times and the internet was obsessed. "The way he turned and looked at him," @koru_the_rottie noted. "He literally said: 'oh I love this song,'" @your.mcufan added. "OMGGGGG this made my heart happy… I miss my golden so much….." @livelovelaugh490 wrote.

However, so many people wondered what the song was. "It is an absolute sin to not have the original sound behind this," @kelsilly14 commented. But thankfully, @jerrytheretriever was happy to oblige. In a second video she revealed what the song was. "His fav sound is the beginning of 'Simply the Best' from 'Schitt’s Creek,'" she wrote.

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His owner later wrote that Jerry was “the happiest dog,” and yep, this video pretty much confirms it. Rock on, Jerry! Rock on.

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