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Man in Hospital's Reaction to Seeing His Beloved Dog Has Us in Tears

We apologize in advance for starting your week off with tears, but we promise it's so worth watching this clip. It's a perfect reminder, and proof, that our pets are more than just animals to us. They're there whenever we need them. Their kisses can heal even the worst of days. So it's no wonder these caring nurses wanted to bring a special four-legged friend to the hospital for a patient's extra treatment.  

TikTok user @thatgirl_whopaints shared a clip that really has brought us to tears. To start, her dad is in the hospital, which is never easy to go through. Then mix in the fact that he can't be around his best friend makes it that much sadder. The nurses at the hospital knew how much her dad's dog meant to him so they worked extremely hard to get approval for her dad's bestie to come. And we bet that you'll start crying as soon as the dog walks into her room. 

Cue the waterworks! We can't stop crying from this clip. It's seriously so sweet that the nurses worked on getting approval for the dog to come. That just shows you how much they truly care for their patients! And the dad's reaction was the most beautiful thing. He was completely shocked! Him and the dog were so happy to be together again.

TikTok users are all crying together at this video. And well, how could you not? "I'm in tears, happy tears for both of them ❤️🙏🏻🐾," said @theresarhoades. All happy tears for us too! We're in love with this reunion. "❤️people NEED this, the ones they love the most in the times they need them the most," added @Tiffony Bush. And dogs have a special power to get us through rough times. As @Barry Copple said, "The great healing power of a dog!!" 

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Another TikTok user, @Susan Ames818, added, "The dog needed to see him as badly as he needed to see his dog. SO true! We aren't the only ones who miss our pets when we separate. They miss us just as much! We're so glad these two are together again and we're hoping for a full recovery. Hopefully, they can play together at home sometime real soon! 

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