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Video of Man Making 'Sunday Roast' for Street Dogs in Thailand Is So Moving

There are so many ways to help animals in need, and this Dubliner is leading the pack. When the Irishman traveled to Thailand and met the country's many stray dogs, he hatched up a plan that's just as sweet as it is genius. Needless to say, TikTok is loving it.

Since @ladbibleireland posted this sweet clip, over 680 thousand viewers have gotten to enjoy his act of kindness. Of course, no one enjoyed it as much as the dogs themselves, who got to chow down on a 'Sunday Roast' made especially for them. Every tail was wagging!

Aww! This guy deserves a medal for his generous gesture. He helped so many dogs find dinner! Not only did they all get the chance to eat their fill of dinner, but it certainly looks like they had the time of their lives, too. 

"A real man helps animals well done sir," commented @mollyalice29--we couldn't agree more! This act of kindness goes to lengths to show what a caring person he is. @Karenwalker121 read our minds when she wrote, "Bless your heart 💞 all their tails wagging so much 😍🥰." They certainly are!

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This is the kind of thing so many canine enthusiasts would love to do, but there is one thing we haven't considered: "I would be leaving with a lot of dogs 🥰," said @laszlohangyal411. LOL, so would we! By the looks of the smiles on his face, it's a wonder how this guy didn't end up with any of the pups as his own, too. After all, it would have been no different than rescuing from a shelter if it weren't for his being on another continent.

"Heartbreaking, and here in Ireland, people paying 100s even over 1k for dog and these poor things 🥺," @siobhandonovan123 commented. It's such a hard thing to think about, but it's so true. There's a lot of room for improvement when it comes to international animal rescue, but we have no doubt that animal advocates like this guy are doing their absolute best, in the meantime.

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