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Man's Hilarious Parody of Moms Talking to Their Dogs Is Totally Spot-On

We feel like we've been exposed by TikTok user @alxjames, and we can't tell if we're embarrassed or want to poke fun at ourselves. One of his new clips already has over 6.7 million views and 1.4 million likes in the past day. So if everyone else is laughing at it, we guess we have to laugh, too!

In the video, he hilariously demonstrates a point of view of someone's mom talking to their dog. We're positive we've all seen this type of dog mom before. Or if you're like us, you've been that kind of dog mom before. Basically, he's having the kind of conversation plenty of moms have with their pups. And let's just say his impersonation is SPOT ON. 

OMG. We know exactly how that situation goes because it happens to us every time we eat. LOL! You try so hard to say no, but somehow you always end up giving your furry friend a little something...oops! 

But we're also glad we aren't the only dog mom that does this! @Monica Castleberry commented, "Lol. For Real. This is my life. 😂." How did it get this bad that every time we eat, our dog is giving us those puppy-dog eyes like they're starved? We all know it's not true! "It me. I'm somebody's mom 😂," wrote @Alyssa Gillespie. LOL. 

Now, how did he get this impersonation to a tee?! We have to agree with what @blessed momma said. She wrote, "Sir I'm convinced you have cameras in my house😂." Right?! The voice, outfit and even expressions were totally on point. "Bro, why do I talk exactly like this to my dogs... wow 😭," added @the one and only. See, we told you we've been exposed, haha. Maybe we need to be a little more strict now that he's calling us out!