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Video of Woman's Dad 'Play Fighting' With Her Goat Couldn't Be Sweeter

As pet owners, we love when our parents go out of their way to show our fur babies special attention. It creates a warm feeling inside because their actions are a display of love and family. One woman is experiencing this wonderful feeling from her dad's actions toward her one of her pets in this viral video.

TIkTok user @saniakhiljee shared a video of a recent interaction between her dad and her pygmy goat. In the video, the two start to play fight with each other, and it creates such a sweet moment. Check out the video to see the lovely relationship between this man and his grand-goat!

Awww we love this video! The fact that this person's dad comes over to her house just to play with her goat is too cute. What a wonderful moment for them all to share together!

People in the comments can't believe how adorable this is. @.__________________09 said, "Very wholesome. Goat looks awesome too!" and @williambettelheim commented, "You can tell by the way the goat waits for him they're real life best friends." We know this goat's mom loves how strong the relationship is between these two!

Others thought it sounded like the goat was laughing in the video! @snufkid commented, "It sounds like the goat laughs, I'm gonna cry so violently oh my gosh." Another user, @zackcutter, said, 'The goat laughed like "Ahh I scared ya!"' You can really tell this goat is having the time of her life playing with her grandad!

The owner uploaded a second video to share another adorable play fighting moment between her goat and her dad. It seems like this goat is always crowned the winner of these 'fights'!

We're so glad this goat has such a great playmate in her grandad. Luckily for the owner, she knows that her dad will always be ready to goat-sit if she needs someone to watch her fur baby for a few days!

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