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Woman Captures Video of Man Playing With His Dog on the Beach and It's So Full of Joy

A dog's happiness is simply infectious, and now we have even more video proof. Emma Louise witnessed a precious moment of play between an older man and his little dog while she was walking by the beach, and she just had to capture the scene. 

Luckily for us--and 336 thousand other viewers--she shared it on her TikTok account, too. If she hadn't, this one little dog wouldn't have had the chance to make so many people smile. The most important smile, though, is that of his owner. The video is a bit too far away to see the man's face clearly, but we don't even need it to see that the two are having the times of their lives.

How sweet are they? It's so precious how the dog runs back to his owner to check in every now and again, and the man just looks so happy cheering him on! Just like @chessy_pee said in the comments section, "you know they're the best of friends 🥰," just from body language alone. 

Emma Louise replied to this point with a lovely anecdote. "100%!" she wrote. "He was dancing around his owners feet and it was so magical and lovely to watch, my eyes felt blessed 🥰😄." We can only imagine! It's so joyful to see a little dog with such a huge amount of happiness--we bet his owner was so happy, too! 

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"Nothing makes me happier than seeing a dog with zoomies, wrote @emiliadrag. Right? The little guy is so glad to be out on the sand with his favorite person, he just can't contain himself! We're totally with @taraloubyloudixon who said, "watching dogs live their best life is a fave pass time 🥰." It's certainly one of ours!

There's something special about this moment though--something we can't quite put our finger on. Commenter @Loewziepoewz feels it, too. She said, "This makes me cry. How simple, mundane but oh so precious to have this kind of happiness. I'm sure it's well deserved. Run little pupper!"

We couldn't have said it better ourselves. 

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