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Video of Man Going the Extra Mile to Rescue Baby Fox Restores Our Faith in Humanity

It always pays to go the extra mile for someone, especially if it’s an animal in danger. One man in England is being heralded a hero for going out of his way to rescue a fox stuck in a canal. And now some people online are saying the man’s actions have restored their faith in humanity.

It all went down in a video from TikTok creator @stylewithseycha, who happened to be at the lake with her Uncle Russ when they noticed that the fox was stuck. “Not all heroes wear capes,” she wrote in the video’s onscreen text. The footage shows Uncle Russ getting into the water, with his socks still on, and carefully making his way over to the animal. “Not just your everyday walk for Uncle Russ,” @stylewithseycha later wrote in the caption. Nope, not at all. What a wonderful man he is.

We could practically hear the comments section cheering Uncle Russ on. “My faith in humanity is restored. Thank you,” @Elliematthews wrote. “That's the type of people we need running the country,” @Drewatkins9 added. “It instantly started swimming right to him!” @psychicmediummelissa noted. “Some heroes wear socks in the water!” @lenka_ec joked.

Although, a few people feared for the worst. “As a Floridian, this gave me anxiety,” @sallyomoo joked. “Anyone else waiting for the gator?” @benlabuzzetta_ wondered. “Why do I always think there may be a gator in the water?” @pembetheafricanprincess asked.

We're sure that little guy was absolutely tired from treading, but we applaud Uncle Russ for going out of his way to try and make the save. We forget how vulnerable animals really are, and this video is a good reminder that people can really make such a difference in their lives.

Or as one commenter wrote: “This deserves some serious credit amongst all the evil and bad in the world! True gentleman!” @krispy_archez exclaimed.