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Video of Kind Man Rescuing Orphaned Baby Skunks Is Going Viral

We've luckily never seen a skunk in person before and honestly if we did, we wouldn't know what to do. Even just driving past where a skunk sprayed is horrible enough so we can't imagine what it would be like to get sprayed by one. And we definitely can't imagine what the residents of McKenzie Towne in Calgary go through. The town is apparently a hotspot for skunks

But residents must be used to being around so many skunks. They're even comfortable enough to be picking them up! Seriously, you'll be amazed at the resident who braced himself and picked up a few orphan skunks. Apparently the mama skunk was trapped and removed, which left behind the babies hungry and alone. The TikTok video posted by @chasingfirestudio has over 8 million views. You'll be obsessing with how cute these babies are. Who knew?! 

Aww! Seriously, who knew baby skunks were so cute! We only ever associate skunks with stinky smells so this is a beautiful surprise! After rescuing these babies, the residents took them to the Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation. They're in very capable hands to get all the attention and love they need.

"So adorable! Thank you for helping them," wrote @Cathy Piper. Seriously! Helping any animal is amazing enough. But it takes a brave soul to help when that animal has the potential to hurt or spray you. We could never! 

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TikTok users are obsessing with how sweet these little babies are. @Milly Jane wrote, "I can't believe their defence mechanism is to be more cute, how do they even survive 😂." HA! Cuteness is their attack! We're ready to see a full skunk feed from this town 24/7.

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