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Man's Story of Rescuing a Crying Baby Squirrel Is Touching People's Hearts

It was another day at the park for this TikToker and his dog named Coco. That is until Coco ran off and found something in the bushes. When the creator, known as @marksteenadamson, went to investigate, he saw what Coco discovered - a crying baby squirrel that has fallen out of the tree. He couldn't leave the poor little thing behind, so he decides to take it home. And no, he didn't take it to the vet or animal sanctuary because this type of squirrel is not native to the UK and therefore considered vermin. He didn't want to risk the chance of this little squirrel getting put down. So to his house, they go!

The video goes on with the creator caring for the squirrel. And just from the squirrel gripping onto this guy's hand, you know the baby was in desperate need of help. He then proceeds to show his trip to the store and what he purchased for the squirrel's milk. And finally, our favorite part, feeding the squirrel. You can just see how much all of this meant to the squirrel. It's the purest thing we've ever seen! 

Aww! How cute is this?! First of all, the squirrel hanging on to his hand like that...adorable! The squirrel probably hasn't slept soundly like this since falling from the tree. But now, he was in good hands. Literally! And secondly, they named him Casper. Ugh, we love it! 

"It's absolutely felt safe in your hands and was ehausted😳 thank you for saving him," wrote @Ash Mac950. Retweet! We're so thankful he decided to take in this squirrel and care for him. That's no easy task. "How does it feel being a Disney princess?" asked @yeshuafirst4. LOL! We dream of having pets like this! 

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Another TikTok user, @tut242, said, "Looks like you’re going to have a different kind of pet for a long time." For real! And we think Coco wouldn't mind having this squirrel around either! Take a look at a Casper update. 

@Edel ONeill385 commented, "You did the right thing, well done, I could watch him all day." SAME! We're so appreciative of this man's generosity and heart to care for this helpless squirrel. And please, more Casper videos! 

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