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Man Hailed a Hero for Braving Hurricane Ian to Rescue a Stranded Cat in Bonita Beach

There are more heroes in the world than we can even keep up with. And that's especially true as we see countless videos of people saving animals during the latest hurricane to pummel through Florida. So here's just one example of a man doing an amazing rescue in Bonita Beach, Florida.

The clip was reshared by Good Morning America, known on TikTok as @gma, and it shows a man walking in knee-deep rushing water. Through the pouring rain, you notice he's walking towards a fur baby sitting on top of an air conditioner unit. And what he does shows us that not all heroes wear capes. 

Wow! We have so many mixed emotions watching this clip. We were heartbroken seeing the cat so helpless during the hurricane. But seeing this man put himself in danger to help a cat truly brought relief to us. We're so thankful for people like him! 

"That baby knew he was there to help! Thank you for saving him/her," wrote @stephanienixa. The cat totally knew he was just trying to help that's why it was so easy for him to grab the fur baby. 

@Sandymarie84 said, "That guy is my hero omg." That guy is everyone's hero! He deserves all the good karma that is going to come back to him. @jobro65 added, "Thank you brave human for saving this baby." A thank you truly doesn't show how appreciative we are. He was a brave soul indeed and we'll forever be grateful. 


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