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Man's Mission to Rescue Dog and Her Puppies During Severe Flood Has People Cheering

We need more people in the world like TikTok user @brady.oliveira. Brady is a football player in the Canadian league, but on the side, he makes it his mission to rescue animals. And a recent rescue had him bracing freezing cold waters, leaving us on the edge of our seats.

Brady received an alert that a mama dog and her puppies were left on a property where the community had evacuated due to the severe flooding. In the TikTok clip that now has over 1.6 million views, Brady said he was warned to turn around because of the flood. But he knew he couldn't leave the dogs behind. The rescue is absolutely chilling. 

He did it! He really saved them all! We can't believe the lengths Brady and his team took to rescue these precious dogs. It was so scary to see that the puppies were trapped inside the bathroom by themselves for over 24 hours and the mom was locked outside. It really rips your heart out to hear that people leave their animals behind. 

"I will never understand why people are cruel to animals. Mine are my family," commented @Kathryn Hill. Same with ours! They'd be the first thing we grab if we had to evacuate our house. 

@Theresa Porto said, "She knew you were there to help her and her babies... thank you for rescuing them all." Truly, thank you! The bravery it took to go through the freezing cold waters is amazing. The rescue crew even got hypothermia by saving these dogs. "True hero ❤️," wrote @Troy. Hero x100000. Now, the dogs are safe and warm with a foster family! So beautiful!