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Man Rescues Eagle From the Water and People Are Having a Field Day Over the Video

Sometimes, the stars align with the TikTok algorithm to bring us content gold--both in the video itself and in the comments. This clip from @tallonjustin is the perfect example: with a captivating video worthy of all 21 million views and comments to make you LOL, you'll be enjoying this post for a while. No wonder it's so popular!

To be fair, we'd be filming too if we found a Bald Eagle trying to get out of the water. We bet Tallon wasn't expecting to give the bird a helping hand, though! He was rightfully amazed by his encounter with the eagle, but we have a feeling the raptor feels a bit differently about his rescue. 

LOL! We love the stark contrast between Tallon's amazement and the eagle's annoyance. And, clearly, so do the commenters! 

"The anger in its face," wrote @beyondbeautywithcheryl. "What a thank you." Right? Even if the bird wasn't exactly grateful, Tallon did a great thing by helping them out when they clearly needed a hand. 

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Speaking of hand, @jana.xci got a laugh out of some of Tallon's commentary. They referenced, "'give me ur hand' 😂😂," which was one of our favorite moments, too. Did you mean, "give me your talons," Tallon? (See what we did there?)

As amused as we are, nothing is going to make this eagle crack a smile. Commenter @theskinandbone said, "'Don't you dare tell anyone you saw me like this,'" which was probably exactly what this bird was thinking. We feel like this guy takes 'snitches get stitches' very seriously.

"'Well… Where is my towel'?" wrote @mikenificent_. Haha! His posture does look like that of someone looking for a towel after getting out of the water, but our favorite part is that Tallon actually got him one.

"Dumbest part is I actually tried and brought a towel," he replied. "😂He had no interest." LOL! That just goes to show what a thoughtful person Tallon is, though. He definitely seems like the kind of person who would rescue an eagle!

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