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Man's Sweet Way of Helping and Rescuing a Squirrel After Hurricane Ian Is Going Viral

Hurricane Ian ripped through Florida and the eastern coast of the U.S., leaving behind damaged homes, flooded streets and unfortunately, animals with no where to turn. Thankfully though, kind humans are stepping up to not only help each other, but animals too. 

For instance, TikTok user @cariscaptures captured a beautiful moment of her husband helping out a squirrel. The sidewalk was completely flooded, but he noticed a squirrel struggling so he decided to step in. He offered his foot and well, the rest is history. 

Aww! No wonder this clip has over 4.5 million views within the first couple days. It's absolutely perfect! We're so glad this man helped out the squirrel. We can't imagine how many animals were so cold and confused from the hurricane. So every little bit like this helps. 

"And just like that, he's a Disney Princess," said @StandswithFist. He really is! We're a little jealous though because things like this never happen to us. LOL! 

"This is the sweetest!!!! Little guy was so tired, cold and scared! You got a good man for rescuing him!!!" said @kellyb20608. Retweet! We love that he just accepted the fact that he was a chosen one. @thyladychristina wrote, "Squirrel runs up shirt. Your guy: 'Well...this is my reality now.' 😂." He knew there was nothing he could do except embrace it. LOL! And he truly ‘em did embrace it. They even decided to take care of the 

They decided to look after the little baby. They kept him warm and gave him some food. SO cute! Even though this husband was the chosen one, these TikToker decided to release him back in the park where they found him after the storm died down. We just know the squirrel was so thankful!


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