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Video of Man Reuniting With His Dog After Trip to Mourn His Fiance Is So Moving

We apologize in advance because this video will have you crying for the rest of the day. TikTok user @ryanandcoby has been grieving the loss of his fiance, Kate, who passed from cancer. The last trip the two of them planned was to the island where they were going to get married. So he gathered up the strength to go himself, as that’s what Kate would have wanted. But in doing that, he had to leave his Labrador behind, who is also grieving.

Ryan filmed his return home and the reunion with his dog Coby. And if you weren't already tearing up from hearing about his story, this clip will put you over the edge. It's so moving. Ryan was gone for 10 whole days. That's almost 70 days in a dog's world. Ugh, so sad. In the clip, Ryan is waiting outside in the rain, calling for Coby. And in no time at all, Coby is back in his dad's arms. The two besties are back together again, healing and mourning with each other.

Our hearts can’t handle this. The story is already sad enough that Ryan and Coby are grieving, but when you add on their reunion after 10 days, ugh. We’re glad they have each other though. Clearly, Coby was, too. He couldn’t stay still when giving his dad all of his kisses. Ryan wrote in the comments, “My best friend, who has seen me through the darkest days! He’s not just a dog, he’s family.” 

TikTok users are commenting support for these two in their time of grief. “I can’t imagine all the roller coaster of emotions this trip has sent you on. So glad Coby is there for you! 🐾,” wrote @Starlight1932. And he will be there for Coby. Together, they will get through the worst pain of their lives. “You just know she’s got a smile so big on her face saying, ‘Wow, he’s done it ❤️,’” said @Alesha Slonecki. She’s so proud, as are all over we after learning about his story!

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