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Video of Man Enjoying 'Romantic' Evening With His Cat Is Totally Priceless

Nothing beats quality time with a beloved pet, no matter where you are or what you're doing. Even sitting around together can be one of your favorite activities--as long as it's the two of you, life is all good. 

One cat dad took this idea to the next level with the sweetest little outing, and TikTok is living for it. In the clip, you can see Brian and his tabby cat lounging on a blanket in the park, neither with a care in the world. It was caught on film completely coincidentally by Lindsay Gail, the unsung hero of this moment. If it weren't for her sharing this adorable video, we never would have met Brian and Big Momma.

Every pet should be spoiled like this--if they can be trusted not to bolt, that is. We are so impressed with Big Momma's calm demeanor and zen-like stillness, that we had to double-check that she wasn't a stuffed animal! Cat owner @cheynels was thinking the same thing. She commented, "I wanna do this so bad! But my girl would run away 😅." Trust us, you're in the majority there! 

"That chill cat, mine would be rolling in the grass! 😍" wrote @witches4bernie. OK, now that's pretty cute, even if it's not quite as chill as Big Momma's meditation pose. We can't help but wonder what she's thinking!

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We weren't the only viewers to ask what's up with the duo after their date, either. In fact, Brian's friends were the ones to tell him about the video! Commenter @kristinabairdnowak said, "lol this is my friend Brian and he's awesome."

When Lindsay asked Kristina to let him know about his newfound fame, she replied, "he is aware. Doesn’t have the Tok, but he gets updates from everyone now lol." LOL, indeed! 

It's been less than a week since the video was posted and the human-feline duo already have their own account--@brianfoll1. Needless to say, Brian is still a bit shocked from all the attention.

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