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Man's Attempt to Save Huge Stranded Sea Turtle Is Touching People's Hearts

Though wildlife encounters aren't a typical part of beach days, they certainly do happen! In warmer climates, beachgoers often run into sea turtles who are sharing the shore, but most of the time they're advised to give the animals space. 

In this video posted by @savetheseaturtlesint, though, a young man named Ollie steps in to give a turtle a hand after finding the creature flipped over in the sand. This is no baby turtle, though, so getting the animal right-side-up and back into the sea is easier said than done. 

Well done, Ollie! Honestly, he made that look easy. We can't imagine how heavy that turtle must've been to flip, especially from such an awkward angle. It was considerate of him not to touch or bug the animal after helping out, too. We applaud such incredible willpower...and physical power! To quote commenter @henrycalace519, "THAT'S HOW YOU DO IT."

It's no wonder why this young man is getting so much online praise. We loved @victormorris776 comment that said, "One day she will come back to see you, the only thing you need to do is be somewhere next to the sea. She is going with good memories of you." That's so beautiful!

Still, not all viewers are familiar with the situation's context. "How that turtle've got upside down in the first place. Kinda suspicious.." commented @radiangel. Luckily, other TikTok users knew what was up.

"Big enough waves will get under turtles and flip them on their backs. nothing at all suspicious about it. Glad it was found and saved." Thank you, @jesslambert643, for explaining! We didn't even notice "the flipper buried in the sand from the surf" that @appleuser347557661 caught--boy, are we glad Ollie was around when he was. 

By the looks of it, this turtle was pretty glad, too!