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Man Shares Fondue With His Cat And We Can't Stop Watching

There's spoiled, and then there's this black cat named Simon. He and his dad, who are the best of friends, are known on TikTok for sharing their traveling adventures. That's exactly how Simon's account got it's name: @backpackingkitty, and also how this epic viral video was born. And, boy, are we glad it was. 

Oh, and a fair warning--this video just might make you hungry. Both Simon and his dad look so excited to dig into the delicious fondue, and now it has us craving something cheesy. Though, honestly, you won't find anything as cheesy as this adorable scene! 

We. Are. Obsessed! Simon looks even more excited for a snack than his dad does, and it's the cutest thing. We were worried for a second there that Simon wouldn't get a bite, but we should've known better than to doubt his doting dad! 

"Watching this man go on adventures with his cat and the loyalty and the bond omg," commented @54321jp12345. "So beautiful." It really is! It doesn't take long to see just how comfortable Simon is with his dad, even when they're in the most unfamiliar places. Viewer @leachimbokaj reminded this cat owner, "You are a lucky guy with the best buddy you can have." We bet he'll never forget it! 

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While we have no doubt that this moment with Simon and his papa is "the coolest 🥰❤️," as @ms_kris commented, we can't wait to see what other adventures this duo will be up to! Judging by this video--from sharing fondue to dressing Simon in an adorable denim jacket--we know their future endeavors will be golden. 

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