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Dad's Reaction to Being Surprised With a Puppy on Father's Day Is Just the Best

Father's Day is the perfect occasion to spoil the dads in your life, including the pet dads. From day trips to surprise gifts, there are so many ways you can show these men how much they're appreciated. When @madison_hughess and her family thought of something special to do to celebrate her father, whose puppy had recently passed away, she knew she had to get the surprise on film. Boy, are we glad she did! 

Just look at her dad's heartwarming reaction as he meets his new best friend-- once he realizes what's going on, that is!

We're so overwhelmed with cuteness, we don't quite know what to focus on: the adorable pup, or Dad's precious response? Luckily, we can just play the video on loop until we've had enough of both (AKA never).

Commenters felt the same way, gushing equally over Madison's father's surprise and the curious Great Dane puppy. "Aww so sweet! He is so adorable 🥰," @user5204774917021 said, though whether they're talking about the puppy or the dad is up for debate. By the looks of the comments, though, they'll have tons of viewers in agreement either way. LOL!

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Madison's father, Chris, even commented on the post from his own TikTok account, @king_hughes27. Ironically enough, he's a bit of an influencer on the app, too! 

"I LOVE him!!" he wrote. "Thank you all SO much! Best Fathers Day gift Ever! Love You to the Moon!!" It truly warms our hearts to learn that the pup is being welcomed into such a loving, grateful home. We second @meaganbanta's requests for future videos, too, after she said, "Need need update please since u made us all cry 🥰." Yes, please! 

Whether these pupdates will be posted to Chris's or Madison's account is a total tossup, but we're just so glad we got to see the moment two best friends met for the first time. "Awwww what a great father's day gift 🎁," @robloxboyia summed up, and honestly, we couldn't agree more. 

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