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Man Trying to Teach Puppy How to Get Out of the Car Has the Internet in Hysterics

We all need a hand sometimes. Although in a recent video on TikTok of a man showing his dog how to exit the car, it’s a little unclear who’s helping who. It might seem like the TikTok creator’s husband is the one in charge, but upon closer inspection, we think their dog, Sandy, might’ve won this one.

The hilarious moment was captured in a video by a woman named Claire (@wabee7), who clearly saw the potential for an internet-breaking video when she saw it. “I just caught my hubby trying to teach our puppy how to get out of the car,” she wrote in the video’s onscreen text. The footage is so darn funny, you can't help but laugh out loud.

OMG. Classic! The video has since been watched over 4.8 million times, and people have so many feelings about it. “Oh, oops. I missed it. Do it like five more times, Dad," @tenilletenille joked. “Puppy looking round to make sure no neighbors are watching his dad,” @gwenmcmurray added. While a third commenter had her own story of dog “training” gone amuk. “I caught my husband carrying our dog out to the bin men yesterday to show him the lorry so he wouldn’t be frightened,” @lv4ux explained.

Although, many people noted that despite the husband’s best intentions, Sandy wasn’t exactly paying attention. “Omg the dog wasn't even watching,” @mostfabdon wrote. “The dog is so embarrassed, he's looking the other way,” @louisemiller5716 joked. “It’s the dog not watching for me,” @ell_jgx chimed in.

Okay, so maybe Sandy isn’t the best student. But surely, she must’ve taken something away from these lessons, right? “Nope,” Claire wrote in response to a commenter who asked the same thing. Sigh. Welp, we guess they just need to keep practicing. You know what they say — try, try again and all that.