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Man's Simple Trick for Getting Dogs to Eat Their Food Is Nothing Short of Genius

There are some nights when getting your dog to eat its food is nearly impossible. No matter how much food you put in their bowl, they just won't eat. A man on TikTok is sharing a trick he learned to finally get his dog to eat her food. And yep, it's absolutely brilliant. 

The TikTok creator, known as Danny Direct (@dannydirect) was so excited, he couldn't wait to share the hack that completely changed his (and his pup's) life. "If your dog doesn't eat their food," he says at the beginning of the video, before showing the new things that he does to tempt his dog to chow down. First, he gave her kibble a little mix with a spoon. Then he pretended to pour on some hot sauce. Finally, he "topped" the dish with some parm and "put it in the oven," before hanging the bowl over. But you'll have to watch for yourself to see if she goes for it.

"University of TikTok has taught me so much," he joked in the caption. 

The TikToker's helpful hints have been watched over 600,000 times. "Missing a little truffle," @michaelsilviopetraglia teased. "My husband and I pretend it's our food and give him the 'leftovers,'" @lsjs5714 kidded. "Try hot water too! Just a little bit to make a warm gravy!! Ours love it," @tarantallegra__ advised. "I mix my dogs kibble with a little bit of wet food and he thinks he’s eating steak," @cshay7 wrote. 

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Of course, your results may vary. "My dog gave me stank eye when I did this, thanks!!!" @ashbutle joked. "He is so picky."

But we'll definitely be giving this a try.

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