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Video of Mare Who Lost Her Baby 'Adopting' a Foal Who Lost His Mom Gives Us All the Feels

Sometimes, tragic circumstances can have beautiful outcomes, so it's important to always look for an opportunity to turn a bad situation around. This is what happened when a mare who lost her baby and a foal who lost his mother were brought together and created their new family.

TikTok user @danielsavant recently shared a video of his mare following the premature loss of her baby, and it just so happened that a foal lost his mother that day too. The foal was brought over to the mare so she could act as his foster mom, and the result is precious. Check out the video to see the result of this heartwarming story!

Wow, this is amazing! It's incredible how quickly these two bonded with each other; it's almost like they could immediately tell they both went through a tragedy recently and needed each other. This wonderful outcome is making us emotional!

People in the comments got teary over this story as well. @jamierozman said, "This brings tears to my eyes. Animals can teach us so much," and @blueeyes.and.barbells commented, "This made me cry…how beautiful!" It's touching to witness such compassion and care from this mare while experiencing her own loss!

Others loved that their owners brought these two horses together. @kat_theoneand_only commented, "So sad she lost her foal but she was saving grace for another sweet baby. Love this so much!" Another user, @jenambermanejohns, said, "Very sorry for the circumstances, but so glad these two are together." This mare was ready and willing to be a momma, and she knew this foal needed her!

We love when these sad stories end on a happy and hopeful note. It's a great reminder that everything will work out in the end!

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