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Massachusetts Rescue Shares All the Dogs Who Weren't Adopted at Their Event

There are many dogs available for adoption across the country, and the people who work at animal shelters and rescue organizations are working diligently to get these pups into a good home. Sometimes, this is done by throwing a big adoption event to draw people in to see all the dogs, but even when this happens, some dogs are still left without a forever family at the end of the day.

Last Hope K9 Rescue is a dog rescue organization based in Massachusetts, and they recently shared a video on their TikTok, @lasthopek9, of the dogs that didn't find homes at their adoption event. In the video, we are introduced to 22 beautiful dogs that are still looking for the person who will take them home and love them unconditionally. Check out the video to see all these sweet dogs and help them find a home!

Oh my goodness, all of these dogs are just precious. We fell in love with all of these pups, and we wish we could adopt them all ourselves! We know they will have a family very soon.

People in the comments couldn't believe these pups didn't go home with new families after the event. @stevethetruckdriver said, "How could someone not fall in love with these cute little faces?" and @myway69669 commented, "How did they not find homes? All great looking dogs!" We are shocked these pups didn't capture any hearts at the adoption event!

Others wished they could take these pups home themselves. @brooke.9839 commented, "I would adopt them all. They’re so adorable. My heart breaks for them," and @gabegabe1110 said, "I wish I could own a few and acres of land and take them all with me. They’d be loved everyday." We dream of having enough land to adopt all of these dogs!

We know these pups will find forever homes soon—they are just too sweet to be without a family for much longer. The rescue can only adopt to residents of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Vermont, so if you live in these states and are thinking of adding a furry friend to your family, check out these pups!

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