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Handicapped Mastiff's Reaction to Dad Giving Him a 'Barkuterie Board' Is Simply the Best

We all love to treat our animals well, but one couple really went the extra mile for their handicapped Bull Mastiff Aslan. If you've ever plopped down in front of the couch with some wine and some snacks, then you'll probably understand why Aslan was so excited for his barkuterie board. Take a look!

Aslan was really living the high life in a recent video on his page @aslan_adventures. "Aslan LOVES food. Fine dining with a 'barkuterie' board," his mama joked in the caption.

"Aslan, is daddy gonna bring you a barkuterie board? He's going to get a barkuterie board, oh my goodness!" his mama can be heard saying from behind the camera. It was quite the spread! We spy a variety of treats and even some dog-friendly jerky. "What a lucky guy!" his mom continued. 

The video has since been watched over 200,000 times and people in the comments section thought this was a brilliant idea. "That's exactly how I eat my charcuterie board," @whiskey_sherri joked. "The front leg kicks of excitement so cute," @niko737737 wrote. "Such a beautiful baby, bless you for giving him the unconditional love he deserves," @florencebass5 added. "This is what all senior pets deserve. Definitely gonna make a cat version for my old man," @gracelilyan260

We agree with the last commenter, all animals deserve this kind of love and attention.

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