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Video of Mastiff Rummaging Around in Mom's Closet Is Too Cute to Resist

While we love our dogs very much, we're the first to admit they can be some serious troublemakers. They love to stick their noses in unusual places, and it can lead to some unexpected situations. One dog was causing some mischief at home, and his reaction to getting caught is too good.

TikTok user @brunotheneomastiff recently caught her Neapolitan Mastiff, Bruno, sticking his large snout in Mom's belongings and captured it on video. In the clip she shared on Bruno's TikTok page, she walks in her closet and sees a row of hang shirts that seem to be possessed because they keep flipping around and falling down. Upon closer inspection, Bruno is discovered to be the culprit to this closet rearrangement! Check out the video to see how Bruno reacts to his mom finding him making a mess of her clothes. 

OMG, this dog is too funny! Bruno does not seem sorry about his mess, and he takes a very long pause after getting caught before exiting the pile of shirts he amassed on the floor. Classic dog behavior!

People in the comments think Bruno is doing his mom a favor. @limpbroozkit said, "He’s seeing if each piece sparks joy," and @monicarivera568 commented, "Pup is helping you reorganize your closet. Very considerate." Bruno should consider a career in fashion design. He seems to have several opinions about Mom's closet!

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Others think this behavior is very sweet! @cheryldykes commented, "He loves being around your scent. Because it's on your clothes, he's trying to get close to them." Another user, @anthom8940, said, "He felt he needed a safe space... he found one. He was hidden and surrounded by mommy's scent!" Our dogs can have bad days too, and sometimes they just need the comfort of Mom's clothes!

We would never be able to stay mad at Bruno if he did this in our closet. Sure, it might have been annoying to clean up the shirts on the floor, but if it brought some comfort to our pups, it's worth it!

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