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Mastiff's Funny Way of Posing His Paws Is Capturing Everyone's Hearts

We don't know why, but animals can get into the funniest positions when they're relaxing. We'll see dogs with their bellies up, sleeping the day away. Or cats will contort their bodies in a way that doesn't look comfortable at all. Honestly, most of the time animals don't look comfortable when they're lounging around. But they must be if they keep doing it. LOL! 

Now, this English Mastiff wasn't sleeping but the way he was laying down doesn't look comfy in the slightest. The video was captured by TikTok user @lenny_and_levon_mastiff and the caption reads, "Why is he like this 😂." You'll be asking the same thing when you look at how he posing with his paws. It's so unusual and hilarious. You've probably never seen anything like it!

O.M.G. There's no possible way how he is holding his paws is comfortable! We've never seen paws bend like this before, but according to other TikTok users with Mastiffs, this is common. LOL! Who knew?! "He's happy and relaxed waiting on goodies," commented @ThePetTroll. And treat goodies he shall get!

Our favorite explanation of why he's doing this is because he's trying to make the heart symbol. @melindafaithe said, "He's making a heart like humans do with their fingers." Aww! That's such a sweet way to look at it. "He's making a heart to show he loves you," added @BowserTheMastiff. We agree! That's a sign the creator is doing a good job as a dog parent! 

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Other explanations are making us LOL! "Meditating? 😂 I don’t really know, but he’s so beautiful doing it," wrote @NatashaNiko2021. We thought you were supposed to be in a comfortable position while meditating though...Oh well, he still looks insanely cute! "He looks like he's waiting for a text back 😂," said @Valerie Nyanforj. LMAO! Yes, this is absolutely what he's doing! He's patiently waiting for a response. Waiting like a distinguished gentleman! 

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