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Mastiff Says Goodbye to Sister Who's Headed Back to College in Sad Video

Watching your children go off to college is difficult enough, but at least you know you'll get to visit and see them on breaks. Dogs, on the other hand, don't understand why their human siblings are leaving and it's so sad. 

A recent example of this comes from TikTok dog @bowserthemastiff. This gentle English Mastiff giant was getting some pets from his human sibling when something overcame him. You can see how broken he gets as soon as the suitcase comes out. He doesn't know what's going on and we completely lost it.  

Stop it! Our hearts broke in two. There's no way she can go to college knowing how sad Bowser is. That's just not fair at all! "Who's chopping onions 😭😭😭😭," said @katherinekobel. 

"Listen, she has to drop out. It's the right thing to do," commented @kyleperkins85. That's the only right thing to do. And everyone knows, "Dogs > Degree always," as @mydudeotis wrote.

Honestly, what harm would come with bringing Bowser with her? @guardianwolf1 suggested, "Just let your roommates know that you are bringing a friend over for a sleepover. For a few months. Maybe longer but they are cute and snuggle." We don't think any roommate would mind hosting Bowser forever! Or she could do what @Michael Ortega said, "Bowser you need to become an emotional support animal so that you can go to school with sissy and be with her 24/7." Perfect! Problem solved! 


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