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Video of Mastiff Trying Chips and Queso Is So Relatable We Can't Even

Yeah sure, chips are good. We can nibble on them for a little while. But chips and dip? Well, we can eat a whole bag in one sitting, especially if it's chips with salsa or queso. Then we're really talking! One Mastiff knows a thing or two about enjoying this tasty snack.

TikTok user @bowserthemastiff shared a clip of her pup, Bowser, watching with a hungry look on his face as she enjoys chips and queso. There's no doubt that he wants to get his paws into things, and when he's finally offered a sample? What happens is totally priceless. Check it out.

OMG. Can you blame him for spitting the queso-free chip out? Why settle for less when you know there's more for you?! We were totally feeling him. "I also spit out chips if they don't have queso," commented @PretendNameGuy. See, we aren't the only ones. 

Commenter, @dopey said, "He knows his worth." As he should! Another TikTok user added, "😅 That was funny...He's like, put dip on that chip. lol." Don't short him the good stuff because he knows there's something better! Sounds like Bowser has been tricked one too many times, and he's finally caught on. 

"Y'all braver than any troops giving a dog queso 😂," said @Kait D. LOL! They might want to make him sit outside the room after that, just to be on the safe side.

@Richard Pieniozek asked, "Does he eat toast with butter? 😂." The creator responded by saying, "Yes but LOVES bagels with cream cheese." Man, does this dog have great taste in food or what?!