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Video of Mastiff Pouting Because His Owner Is Going to Work Is Just Priceless

Every dog owner must face the ultimate test before leaving for work in the morning: having the strength to leave your pouting pup behind.

Just ask @jeffthemastiff's dad, who saw his Mastiff, Jeff, putting on a serious pouty face while he was getting ready to go to work. In the video, Jeff's dad asked him if he was OK because Jeff looked so sad while watching his dad get ready to leave. Aww. Look at how adorable he was sitting on the couch like a human with a major case of droopy eyes!

This is too cute! How Jeff's dad found the willpower to leave this face behind and go to work is beyond us.

Many of the users in the comments of the video wanted Jeff's dad to stay home with his dog instead of going to work. @cassyrole_ said, "Completely legitimate reason to call in sick from work today," and @freedomofthemind commented, "I hope this was followed by a sick day call." We hope so, too!

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Other's thought it would be a good idea to find something to keep Jeff busy during the day while his parents are at work. @_phish_fo0d_ suggested, "I think it’s time Jeff gets his own job. It’ll keep him busy." Another user, @krysphilly, commented, "He needs his own pet when he’s alone. Your dog needs a dog." We gotta find something to keep Jeff's mind off his dad while he's at work!

If we were Jeff's parents, we would be late to work every day. A pouty face like this would require an extra 15 minutes of hugs and kisses before leaving!

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