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200-Pound Mastiff's Precious Way of Asking for a Treat Is Everything

Some of the biggest dogs are also the biggest babies, which is why the term 'gentle giant' has stuck around. From St. Bernards to Great Danes and every XL breed in between, there is so much love--and cuteness-- to be found. 

Bowser the Mastiff, who is already gaining traction on TikTok for his precious face, is going viral yet again for his adorable begging skills. Spoiler alert: he gets his way and chows down on a few treats before the video is over, but it's the journey he takes to get there that positively melts our hearts. 

Don't you just adore his sweet little face? Okay, maybe it's not such a little face, but his puppy dog eyes sure have us under his spell. And by the looks of the comments, we aren't the only ones!

"He has the cutest face ever!!! Awwww!" wrote @nicole_theoneandonly. Doesn't he? We have no clue how his mama could ever say no to giving him a treat, especially with those little cries from him, too. He deserves every snack, toy, and cuddle in the world! We're completely on board with @dwalker515 who commented--no, demanded, that his mama, "give the king what he wants." Precisely our thoughts! 

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Other commenters, like @nichole.l.l, wanted more info about this English Mastiff's favorite snack. "Beef bites... cut up beef hotdogs 😁 love it!! what type nitrate free?!?! or regular," she asked. 

@Bowserthemastiff replied, "Green ridge Farms Beef Snack Sticks from Costco." Of course! Beef sticks make great treats for four-legged friends. and it looks like they get Bowser's seal of approval, too. Heck, he even asks his mama when he wants a snack! It really doesn't get much cuter than that. 

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