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Tired Husky's Annoyed Reaction to Little Sister Wanting to Play Is Far Too Relatable

There's nothing worse than a mid-day nap getting interrupted. You wake up confused and annoyed at whoever the disturbed your peace. And oftentimes, you can't get back to sleep! Not surprisingly, dogs are grouchy about their sleep, too. Throw into the mix a stubborn little sibling, and anyone would get frustrated! 

In a video posted by TikTok user @maya.husky, two Huskies are seen on the couch together, and one of them is clearly not amused. The older Husky, Maya, is relaxing and laying down. Her puppy sister, Stormy, however, is begging her to play, letting out precious little barks and giving Maya a stiff paw to the stomach. Tag! You're it! But sleepy Maya is not having any of it. 

This video is so precious! We can't help but laugh when Stormy thinks, "You old hag." Maya is definitely regretting being out in the open for Stormy to attack at any moment. Or maybe Stormy needs to learn to respect her elders! "I'll bet you Maya is now remembering her days as the only child 🤣," laughed @Jelouzzzz, and @Josh Van Bonn added, "Oh Maya, don't you just love younger siblings? Lol." By the looks of it, some days with her sister are better than others! 

We understand the energetic puppy wanting to play, but can't she see Maya is trying to get some beauty rest?! From the pups' TikTok account, it looks like Stormy was begging her to play for a while! 

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"Stormy is throwing paws! 😳😳 Maya is too tired to fight back though 😅," said @parmeila dhevi. 

Sorry Maya, next time you need a nap, you might to find a room with a lock to keep Stormy out! 

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