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LA Chargers Add Dogs to Media Day Photoshoot and It's Scoring Touchdowns for Fans

Move over traditional media days, there's a new crew coming on set. For those of you that don't know, athletic teams always have a special day before the season starts called media day. This is a day where members of the media are invited to come to observe practice and interview players. Players also try on their uniforms and get new promotional pictures. It's the same thing year after year, but the Los Angeles Chargers decided to try something new for this year's media day.  

The official LA Chargers TikTok account, @chargers, recently posted a clip that showed off how they changed up this year's media day. The day of course included the typical photoshoot, but someone on their marketing team knew how to steal our hearts. They added dogs to the photoshoot!! Big, tough, football players posing with dogs and puppies?! Omg, this is everything we've ever needed. Now, where can we order these photos?! 

Aww! To say we're obsessed is an extreme understatement! We never knew puppies and football could mix, but we're so glad we know now. "Suddenly I'm a Chargers fan😂," wrote @lanipie. Suddenly we're all Chargers fans! Whoever thought of this idea needs to win employee of the year because it's brilliant. 

"Another year another puppy photo shoot. Nothing better than badass big guys and little fur babies!!" said @Kimberly Chang. Hold up, there are more football puppy photo shoots?! We're going to need to see them all! "So wholesome. The joy on the faces of these big ole tough players is infectious," added @rachierach511. How can anyone not love this?! And it doesn't matter how big and tough someone is. A dog can bring a smile to anyone's face! 

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Even DICKS Sporting Goods' official TikTok account commented saying, "Just another day at the office 🐶🐾." Ugh, can our office be like this?! @Kete Valga asked, "Can the Chargers take my dog for the next photoshoot?" Seriously, we wouldn't mind our dog getting some time in front of the camera! We'll offer our pup in exchange for game tickets. LOL! 

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