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Husky’s Reaction to Seeing Grandma on FaceTime Is Beyond Irresistible

Technology is an amazing invention. We’re so thankful that we had phones during the pandemic so we were able to keep in touch with our friends and family. We’re especially grateful for FaceTime and even Zoom! Seeing each other’s faces made the lockdown a little more manageable. And now, FaceTime is second nature to keep in touch with your loved ones.

Even dogs are getting in on the FaceTime feature to see their favorite humans! Normally, when dogs are on a call, they’re just listening to whoever is on the other line. But this dog made sure she got in on the conversation. TikTok doggo @meekathehusky was FaceTiming with grandma. She couldn’t believe she was talking with her and was clearly so excited. She wanted to make sure grandma heard her, so she chimed in, and what comes out of Meeka’s mouth is unbelievable! 

Aww! Meeka the Husky really understood she was talking to grandma. Incredible! That must be her favorite human because she instantly recognized the voice. Poor pup though, she's probably missing her grandma so much. We hope they get to see each other soon! 

“’I love you nana’ 😂 this dog LITERALLY just said that 😂,” said @Arielle. She did! We all heard it! @girlpower1210 added, “Yep! Meeka loves her grandma.” Not that anyone doubted it, but this is just confirmation. “That’s so sweet, Meeka,” wrote @Cheska Isabel Ambida. The sweetest! We love that Meeka wasn’t afraid to share how much she loves her grandma. And we’re sure grandma appreciated it. 

Can Meeka FaceTime with the rest of us?! We’d love to hear her sweet dog voice. And other TikTok users would too! @J. Gatsby said, “Hi Meeka, ur my bestie love u soo much.” Hopefully, Meeka would say it back to all of us strangers… LOL!