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Viral Video of Famous Memphis 'Peabody Ducks' Boarding the Elevator Is Way Too Cute

Time to immediately book a ticket to Memphis because this is one hotel you don't want to miss! The Peabody is a hotel in Memphis, Tennessee, that gathers people from around the world. And not in a way you'd normally expect. It's not because of the beautiful rooms or cool amenities. It's because of ducks. Yes, ducks in a hotel! We didn't believe it until we watched this video but as it turns out it's a tradition that dates back to the 1930s! 

The hotel's TikTok, @thepeabodymemphis, showcases these special ducks and what they do on the daily. And trust us, it's the most amazing thing! There is even a duck master that is in charge of the ducks, helping them through their performance. Watch as they make their way from their rooftop home to greet the guests! 

O.M.G. Why have we never heard about this before?! This is so cool and we totally get why people come from all over the world! And we've also found what we want to do as our next job. LOL! "My guidance counselor failed to talk about this career option," wrote @Alison Stonecypher. Same here! So rude! But it's never too late to become an honorary duck master. We just don't know if we'd ever be as good as this one in the video. 

"Dude's got the PERFECT pep talk voice. He should speak to the nation every morning," said @murbot3. We wouldn't mind that one bit! And those ducks need to become the next influencers. We'd follow everything they do! LOL! 

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"This was really nice to see the kids' faces light up with joy," commented @Jacqueline Denise Wa. And not just kids. Those ducks can put a smile on anyone's face! Just watch people's reactions in this next video as the ducks march off the elevator. Absolutely incredible! 

Aww! We seriously couldn't love this anymore. That's a performance we'd pay anything to see! 

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