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Video of Miami Dog Patiently Waiting to Be Adopted After 240 Days Breaks Our Hearts

Just try and not shed a tear while watching video of one shelter dog on TikTok. Poor Spikey has been at the Miami-Dade Animal Services facility in Doral, Florida for the better part of a year. But with no prospects of being adopted in the future the shelter is now using the internet to help the dog find his fur-ever home. 

Video of the pup was featured on the @thefarnetwork's TikTok page and shows clips of the pup. Of course, it would be so much better if Spikey got to thrive in a loving home.

 "I've been waiting 240 days for my perfect family," the video's text overlay reads. "Someone adopt this baby that has been waiting so patiently," the caption reads. 

The page even shared Spikey's number at the shelter, so that anyone who would see the clip could find him with ease. 

People in the comments section wanted to see Spikey get a new family. "Please adopt this cutie. He deserves it!" @sarahpaulineee urged. "He’s beautiful!!! How has no one adopted him yet?!" @jenthomas1420 wondered. "Older dogs are the BEST! They’ll appreciate and love you forever," @milsunpen pointed out. "Such a sweet boy, he deserves to find his forever family," @katelyn_art chimed in. 

Here's hoping that someone sees this video and brings Spikey home ASAP.

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