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Video of Chicken 'Moonwalking' Like Michael Jackson Is the Best Thing We've Seen All Year

Animals have personalities all their own, and that's what makes them so special. From pets to farm animals, and even wild creatures, no two are exactly the same. This chicken, though, seems at least a little inspired by a famous late pop star, and TikTok can't get enough. Introducing: Michael Chickson!

This hilarious, fluffy bird is the star of @hillbilly_boy1's recent popular video, and we totally see why. Not only does this chicken have attitude for days, but they have serious dancing skills, too. Seriously--this chicken can moonwalk like nobody's business!

It's no surprise that this video is doing so well, even though we have no doubt the views are only starting to come in. Just like @zathomas02 asked, "how is this not viral?" We don't know! Though 1.1 million views in one day is nothing to complain about. 

"Well I guess he chose to be reincarnated as Chickael Cluckson 😂," commented @hayliesrandomness69. Even better! That would definitely explain both the moves and the hairstyle--but where's his raving audience? Other than "the bunnies just minding their business 😂," that @partytime_night pointed out, there's almost no one to witness this feat. No one but @hillbilly_boy1, anyways.

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"This is adorable," @kiealowe said, "but I need to know WHY?! And how do I get mine to do this?! 😂🐔😂." LOL! It would be positively hilarious to see a chicken moonwalk on command, though we're not sure @hillbilly_boy1's idea is the best way to go about things, "Just blast Michael Jackson in his pen every day he will eventually understand😂," he wrote. LMAO--that might work on people if we're being completely honest!

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