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Indianapolis Zoo Helps Military Dad Surprise His Son With His Homecoming

If there is one genre of videos that can bring tears to our eyes every single time it has to be military homecomings. We can't imagine families who have their loved ones stationed away for months at a time. That's why we cry when we see those serving in the military come home and surprise their parents or children.

The Indianapolis Zoo, known on TikTok as @indianapoliszoo, worked to pull off a military homecoming for a 9-year-old boy. The boy's father, Petty Officer 1st Class Joe Thomas of the U.S. Navy, has been stationed in San Diego for a few months. And with help from the zoo, he was able to surprise his son. Grab your tissues for this one! 

Stop it! This is the sweetest thing we've ever seen and the tears won't stop coming down. The little boy thought he was in for a special treat getting to feed the dolphins because his birthday weekend was coming up. But little did he know there was a lot more headed his way.

As he was feeding the dolphins, his father came up behind him. The whole crowd was watching and the boy had no idea. They embraced each other as soon as he turned around. Ugh, our hearts! 

We're so glad that Thomas was able to come and surprise his son for his birthday. So thank you to the Indianapolis Zoo's marine mammal team for helping execute this wonderful birthday surprise! And thank you, Thomas, for your service in the U.S. Navy. 


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