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Moment Woman Learns She Can Adopt Her Military Working Dog Has Us All Choked Up

The relationship between dog and owner is unmatched by anything else, but that bond only grows closer when they work and play together. Police K9s and Military Working Dogs (AKA MWDs) are great examples of this, as their handlers become so much more than work partners--they become the best of friends.

TikToker and U.S. Air Force Veteran has that kind of relationship with her MWD, a black German Shepherd named Zeusz. Though the two began as work partners only, Sidney quickly fell in love. She even drove 12 hours just to attend his retirement ceremony--and she didn't even know she was going to be able to adopt him yet!

If you think that's good, just wait until the moment she finds out she can adopt Zeusz!

We aren't the only ones who are teary-eyed, right? This must've been a super special moment for Sidney--we can't even imagine it! Neither can this video's commenters, who were quick to give their support and congratulations.

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"The way you look at him 🥺," @crzyunicornlady gushed. "That dog is about to have the most amazing life. Congratulations on retirement Zeusz!" Yes--just yes! This German Shepherd is already loved beyond belief, and we couldn't imagine him being adopted by anyone else. After all, they've been close companions for years, already!

We have no doubt that Sidney would move mountains for her pup: "You drove 12 hours to watch him retire not expecting the dog," admitted @reddirtgirl. That alone made me cry. The fact you got the dog had me sobbing." We are right there with you, soaking tissue after tissue! These two were meant to spend life with one another, and we couldn't be happier for them if we tried. Happy tails, Sidney and Zeusz!

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