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Incredible Mini Cockapoo Can Do Math Problems Better Than Most Humans

If you're ready to be simultaneously impressed and enchanted by cuteness, you need to see one of @lunatheminicockapoo's latest viral videos. The adorable pup not only listens to her dad with immense intensity, but she actually answers his math problem, too! We couldn't believe our eyes when we first watched her mind at work--she's one seriously talented cockapoo.

Though commenters have their theories about how Luna and her dad pull this off, we're still so taken by the sweet dog. She loves her daddy so much!

OMG--Luna!! Where were you when we were struggling with middle school algebra? You're a pup, and you understand PEMDAS better than we do. Fortunately for us, we're not the only ones who are mathematically challenged.

"Wait… I’m sorry. Did I just witness a DOG answer a MATH QUESTION?!??" asked commenter @savannah16397. Yeah, you did! We were just as flabbergasted as you were when we first saw this, but some commenters think they may have the trick figured out. 

Viewer @zinko__ wondered, "What if the dog just keeps tapping you until you react?" You may be onto something? That makes total sense, but it's still impressive how tuned in Luna is to her dad's body language then. Their communication skills are fire! Either way, @thithiaye23 was right when she said, "so clever luna🥰🥰."

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