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Video of Mini Cow Getting Ready to Take an 'After Milk Nap' Couldn't Be More Precious

We don't think we have to convince anyone that mini cows are the absolute cutest. We mean, come on! What's not to like? If you thought that mini cows couldn't get any more adorable, then you must not've seen the video from TikTok creator Allie Sine of Wright, Missouri (or @minimooos, as she goes by online) who caught her cow right before it took its nap. Our hearts are positively bursting because it's so darn cute!

There's basically no video on Sine's page that we wouldn't watch over and over again, but a recent video showcasing one of her "pasture puppies" has us obsessed. The footage shows one of her milk-drunk cows cozying up to their mama right before falling asleep. They just need a few good head scratches from their owner before gently dozing off to la la land. Honestly, the video is even better than we've described. Take a look at all this cuteness!

"After milk naps hit hard," Sine joked in the video's caption.

We definitely weren't the only ones who were fans of the video. It's since been watched over 500,000 times! "The little space in-between the toofers, hits me in the feels... " @dbellyme wrote in the comments section. "That's adorable omg it just broke the scale of how massively adorable she is," @xxjustbeingmex agreed. "Does it get any better than that?? I don't think so," @americanoutlaw30 wondered. "I’d never get any work done," @dahliedahl joked. 

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It'd definitely be a challenge! Thank goodness we don't have a mini cow around - whew! 

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