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Mini Dachshund's Adorable Obsession With a Chicken Is Too Cute to Miss

You never know who your pup is going to befriend. It might be a child on the playground, the mailman, or even another animal. The latter is the exact scenario that one mini-Dachshund found herself in when she met a chicken — and now her owner is calling her "obsessed." 

Little Coco (@loulouminidachshund) must've been so excited when she got to see the chicken. And the clip of their meeting is absolutely perfect. She seems so fascinated with bird!

"Coco has a chicken obsession. Where the chicken is, there’s Coco," the video's caption jokes. To be fair, we totally get it Coco. Chickens are so cool and must be so interesting to a young puppy. 

We weren't the only ones who were smitten with Coco and her new friend. The video has since been watched over 4.9 million times and so many people were rooting for this burgeoning friendship. "Hey, I'm Coco.. and what’s your name?" @babybearyuki wrote in the comments section, as if reading Coco's mind. "Find yourself someone that looks at you like Coco looks at the chicken!!!" @chernenkovaaaaa joked. "My dachshund is chicken obsessed and would try to kill the chicken! You have very well behaved dogs," @nadinesuzannejewellery praised. "Chickens are so gentle. Beautiful video. Gorgeous doggo too," @jokerzze120 chimed in. 

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Coco's love of chickens is apparently a well documented thing. Other videos on the pup's page show her falling in love with another bird. 

Look how gentle Coco is with the baby chick. Neither of them seem nervous at all. We guess that's why Coco is such a good girl. Cheers to these brand new besties!

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