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Mini-Dachshund’s Master Plan to Escape the Yard Is Hilariously Halted in Viral Video

Scouty Lou, a Mini-Dachshund on TikTok as @scouty_lou_themini, had a master plan to escape. He was out in the yard, readying to execute the plan, but since his parents caught onto his runaway tendencies, things didn’t quite work out in his favor. This hilarious video has over 4.7 million views and 810.5K likes.

The Mini-Dachshund was out and about in the yard walking towards his likely escape route. His parents must’ve known he slips right through the fence for his getaway, so they needed to come up with a solution. They clearly excelled at the solution because not only was it effective, it’s downright hilarious! We can’t stop laughing because this poor pup’s master plan was halted. And well, he was not happy!  

LMAO! He really thought with all his heart that he could still run away. Silly boy, don’t you know spoons can’t fight through fences?! And the look he gives his parents after he was halted had to be a mix of embarrassment and betrayal. He was thinking, ‘How could you do this to me?!’ 

“The other dog is like, ‘Is there food on the end of that spoon?’” joked @Linda Jo Smoot. LOL! He didn’t care if Scouty Lou left or not, he was just looking for his treat. That dog better be careful not to help out Scouty Lou because then he won’t get any rewards.  

TikTok users are obsessing with the work the parents did to keep Scouty Lou inside. @JeanO commented, “You’re a genius 😂.” Another user, @Melody K, added, “Best dog hack ever… You Nailed this assignment, lol.” Truly an amazing hack! Although, we don’t know how long this will last. HA! Scouty Lou looked like he was figuring out how to slip the spoon out from the harness. The escape artist doesn’t stop! Any guesses on if he’ll outsmart his parents again?!