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Mini Doodle Bonds With Baby Before He's Even Born in Heartwarming Video

They say that dogs have a strong sense on intuition. There are some things that they just know. One woman stunned the internet with a video of her mini-Labradoodle Bentley, who seemed to know that she was with child and stuck by her through her entire pregnancy. Now video of Bentley bonding with his human brother before before and after his birth is touching hearts all over the internet. 

Bentley's human brother is now practically a toddler, but the video shared by his owner @fminidoodlebentley shows their special bond from the very beginning. "Dogs truly do know..." the video's text overlay reads. "He was by my side the entire time," it continues over footage of Bentley with his pregnant mama. He's such a good boy! The video even shows the pup and the baby's first meeting. You have to take a look!

The footage continues to show Bentley and baby as the boy gets older — these two are clearly best friends! "My favorite love story; dogs are incredible," the caption reads.

People online have watched the heartwarming video over 468,000 times and most were filled with emotion. "The most beautiful bond," @jnmac27 wrote in the comments section. "You can see it in his eyes, 'mom I promise I will love him forever ok,'" @emvibezz added. "This just warms my heart. He knew. He will love your son for the rest of his life! You're very blessed," @cyndig16 chimed in. "This is the cutest, his muzzle sticking thru the side of the crib melted my heart!" @lindseyblankemayn swooned. 

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Elsewhere on the page, Bentley's parents announced that they're expecting their second baby. Which means that soon they'll be another bestie to add into the mix! Congrats!


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